Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Decorations, Without Risk of Decapitation!

Reinvent these five everyday objects for an affordable—and dreadful-free!—holiday season.

1.    Gauze: Certainly, you have more than enough white gauze in your first aid kit. Simply bundle this material in whimsical “poufs,” hang it from your ceiling using your cross-stitching thread, and you have turned your home into a winter wonderland!
2.    Katanas: When in the hands of a man intent on decapitating a dreadful, a katana is lacking a certain degree of “holiday cheer.” However, the blade is quite handy for removing chestnuts from their shells, and slicing those cheery ribbons that adorn your Christmas packages! 
3.    Bayonettes: When polished to a holiday sheen and adorned with a bough or two of greenery (only if you can get outside safely!), these silver embellishments can enhance even the most sophisticated of homes.
4.    Iodine: Perhaps you have this disinfectant on hand to prevent the plague from spreading. But the liquid can also be used as a dye that adds a lovely violet hue to your drab, outdated wardrobe. Simply soak a tired pair of dancing slippers or a faded pinafore in iodine, and you have a reinvented winter wardrobe!
5.    Musket Balls: When painted silver, these perfect spherical forms are lovely adornments to hang from your Christmas tree, or to include as a decorative element in that basket of sweetmeats you deliver to your close friends each year. 

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