Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas Has Arrived!!!

Last night a thick blanket of snow covered Longbourn—just in time to harken the “Christmas season” on the first of December! Such was the joy of rising to a world sparkling with ice and snow that the girls and I decided that we simply must decorate the house, and set out at once to collect boughs of holly for our Yuletide décor.

We hadn’t gotten more than a few hundred metres from Longbourn before we encountered a most disturbing scene—the pure snow adulterated by the savage red blood of a newly dead corpse, its brain stripped bare by the teeth of a group of zombies. (You didn’t hear it from me, but I daresay it was our Southernly neighbors who were most recently afflicted with the plague—they lacked breeding in life, as well as death!) The snow was disturbed and tousled around the stiffening body, and we could only assume that the unmentionables were wandering in the woods, waiting to attack. Why, even the name of Father Christmas would not discourage them from quite ruining our holiday season.

Of course, Lizzy and Jane set out at once, pulling their daggers from their boots and swearing that they would each slay at least twelve unmentionables before sundown.  Thankfully, I have five daughters, and three of them were more interested in Holiday Cheer than hunting the undead.

Now, in case you were wondering, we have discovered a few ingenious methods for decorating our home using everyday objects (in a manner that requires less “scavenging” for boughs and branches than normal). As soon as I have a moment to spare, I shall compile a list of our ideas—for they are as stylish as they are safe!!!

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